Interview with Mr. Ghassan Shakaa

Interview with Mr. Ghassan Shakaa

At the outset, I thank Mr. Ghassan Shakaa, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and former mayor of Nablus, for the press interview I have more than one question to your presence about the current security situation in Nablus and also regarding the elections.

What do you think of the date of the elections and what are the preparations and equipment and are local elections today a prelude to a general election?

As for the issue of local elections, which are held every 4 years, this is the first time that elections are held on the date of legal entitlement. Therefore, as a principle, there is respect for the legal issue, but on the other hand, as I said for the first time, there is no respect for the legal date. National Council, legislative, even we as an executive committee we were elected in 1996 and we are still on the work, the other issue is the decision of the Palestinian government in consultation and coordination with President Abu Mazen, so there is no objection to the decision because it is legal, but in my opinion to study things is the time is appropriate or G. This is what is determined by the results of the elections and the course of the elections until the date of the election and therefore it is too early to rule. God willing, the view is that things will be fine and free and democratic in the true sense. If we notice the media there is a media exchange in questioning the intentions Therefore, there are calls for a national consensus in the candidate lists. Although the meeting between Fatah and Hamas supporters, even with independent figures, is a good example, but the bigger question is if we can run local elections with joint lists. Why can't we end the division? It is the most important axis in the life and destiny of the Palestinian people.

Why didn't you run for local elections?

I served in the municipality for 13 years and decided to forget this issue because of the general conditions that exist and let me be more frank. I issued a statement. The Palestinian citizen is one of the reasons I decided not to run.

In light of the security situation and the tension in the security scene in Nablus, will the preparations for the elections be more difficult and there will be a postponement of the elections?

This issue should talk about the West Bank and Gaza in principle, the Palestinian Authority is witnessing in determining the date of elections, nomination and objection, the issue of elections is subject to other issues so far I have not heard any classification that our people in Jerusalem will participate in the elections and I am not with any elections do not include Jerusalem, This is basically a Palestinian political decision. Another issue, if we want to talk about Nablus today, we can say to a large extent embarrassment from the bottleneck. We hope that this calm will continue, but it is very clear that we are not alone in the arena. -There are them I am able to disturb the security, which is the Israeli side, and therefore this issue is subject to the time, but I have a feeling that the elections will be postponed, I will not enter the reasons, but I hope that will not be, I hope that the elections will be held on time and things will go well with all transparency and integrity And democracy.

What is your vision and analysis of what is happening in the security street, especially Nablus after the killing of two security men and then the killing of one of the wanted "Abu al-Izz Halawa" in the prison Junaid?

Nablus lost 7 young Palestinians, there are 4 policemen and 3 citizens, if we assume that Abu Ezz is also a member of the PA, this loss I think should not have been paid, and this is why the Palestinian government represented by Dr. Rami to re-examine the reasons that made this The situation is not enough to say that there are security chaos, there are also societal, security and financial reasons that need scientific analysis, but what I know about the government is that it has the ability to reach the causes, we must know the reasons and not just talk about the results. The other issue, including Abu al-Ezz, is the sweetness of the way it is said or even the view that was published on the media of the late terrifying, so if there is no real accountability, and a real explanation of what happened to the late sweetness, the authority would have lost a lot even if the citizen did not feel or did not appear, Anyone who sees the sight or hears what is said loses confidence and loses hope. Therefore, this is an invitation to the PNA to be bold enough to explain to the citizen the reasons for his death, how he is responsible and who bears responsibility for his death and punishment.

Do you think that there is a need for an Israeli-Palestinian relationship to discuss a solution and are there any prospects for solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the near future or are the prospects closed?

Before I talk about the Palestinian-Israeli issue, I want to talk to a Palestinian if there is no Palestinian division and I think it is futile to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian issue. If there is no Palestinian homeland consisting of Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, one body and one people. We are talking about the Palestinian-Israeli issue, because the division is the greatest chance for Israel to end the Palestinian project, so I cannot answer the Palestinian-Israeli relationship, because the basis is the Palestinian relationship. At this level, I see no desire and no will to end the division. Anyone who does not end the division bears the national, religious and historical responsibility for the loss of the Palestinian project, and history will curse who was behind the continuation of this division.

Is the two-state solution in place or are there other solutions on offer other than the two-state solution?

A two-state solution is no longer possible in the substantive sense, even the citizen who has no political interest merely passing through the streets of the West Bank and see the huge amount of settlements on the West Bank land and land areas that these settlements have cut off from which West Bank do we speak? . So public recognition that 60% of the West Bank is under Israeli control in all respects, I can not go to Kafr Qalil or even Deir Sharaf, for example, without going through Israeli settlements. Therefore, President Abu Mazen and the leadership decided to stop negotiations except with certain requirements. But there is a question whether the Arab world and the international Islamic regional world is it with the pressure on Israel to return to negotiations on the basis decided by the Palestinian leadership, is there an Israeli decision to stop settlement in the period of negotiations? When I have to go for negotiations, we must go without the result of the twenty years that have passed in vain. Should there be guarantees for a specific period of time during which negotiations must be successful as well as international guarantees? The purpose of the negotiations is a two-state solution or open talk? There are grounds to be learned from our failure in the negotiations that took place after Oslo.

We, as Palestinians, make mistakes. There is no settlement in an Israeli area whose name is not Israeli, there is no neutral zone for an Israeli settlement whose name is not Israeli or its addresses. Now, under an international legal agreement that puts the title in all languages, there is no problem, but when we put it at a time when we have no agreement or results, this is a mistake. These issues may be side-effects, but if the human has not studied and deal with it Ajagelha solutions it helps indirectly

What is your reading of the proposals of the solution and the Arab, regional and international interventions in the Palestinian issue?

Any propositions, mediations, or pressures that do not include two main issues: the issue of Al-Aqsa, the daily violation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the danger of its demolition, and the second issue of settlement. I have a conviction that Gaza will not return, and the reason is Palestinian. Unfortunately, the Israeli action is seen and heard daily, so I will not talk about it. I must say something here. Next, any Palestinian issue or any Palestinian project without Jerusalem and Gaza is not settled.

What is the need of the Palestinian street and the Fatah movement for reconciliation between Mohammed Dahlan and President Abu Mazen and there are Egyptian and Jordanian proposals to resolve this dispute?

I am surprised that there is such a dispute between President Abu Mazen and Mohammed Dahlan because I know the nature of the relationship that was between them, was a fraternal relationship based on trust, cooperation, respect. Mohammed Dahlan was the younger brother of President Abu Mazen. I do not know what the real reasons are, but the Fatah issue requires the wounds of the wounds and, God willing, the good endeavors will be productive and good and a real step to save this historic organization. Recall history. We must not deny that the president is the legitimacy and the leadership of Fatah and that Mohammed Dahlan is also an elected legislator, a member of a central committee despite the separation. Forget that the street has a presence and therefore these reasons require that Fatah heal itself and return to its strength and potential to say: Yes I am Mojo.

Reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas and ending the split?

There is no reconciliation and no end to division and move. I will be wrong and, God willing, I can see the end of division in my life because if our generation does not see it will not see future generations. Today there is a chance that all the time passes the opportunity decreases.

Thank you, Mr. Ghassan Shakaa for these clarifications and analyzes and painful. For what is happening in the Palestinian street and thank you for the good hosting us as the center of Damour and thank you.

I hope to be honest with you with some audacity and I am one of the people who believe that transparency is very important. Because the only way to tell people the truth, even if it is painful.

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