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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the catalyst for community development, resilience and growth towards self-sustainable communities

Our Deliverable

is sustained development in most vulnerable geographic areas and communities in Gaza and West Bank.

Our Mission

The main mission of Damour is to maximize development opportunities and to protect and improve the environment in marginalized communities through innovative initiatives and priority activities in equal, fair and transparent manner, and empower these communities to live in peace, prosperity and security.

Our Mandate

is Help/ enable the people and communities to become into control their lives and future to the best of their abilities in different sectors including energy, health, environment and economic development.

Our Motto

Together we can make better future for all

Our Values

we publish our reports regularly to be accessible to our community at large, partners, relevant authorities, donors and friends.
Our added value lies in our local and international partnerships towards reinforcing sustainability and stability in the MENA region.
We strive to seek creative solutions for community development challenges.
We do the best for our people and partners, treat them with respect and empathy, whilst embracing diversity.
We deliver excellent work with a positive attitude by well-skilled people using best practice in a business-like approach.
We act in an ethical manner with trust, honesty, reliability and credibility.
Community participation
Damour is keen to maximize the level of communities’ participation and engagement in identifying their needs and priorities, and be part of the monitoring of the Institutions’ implemented activities and projects.
Gender equality
We strongly believe in the gender equality and mainstreaming at all aspects and levels of Damour’s interventions, decision making, …etc.
Peace, justice and fairness
Damour believes in the importance of just peace in the region and reinforcing the values of justice and fairness amongst peoples and communities.
Respect to human rights
Damour works across the divide through mutual respect, and strongly believe in and respect the human rights of peoples.

Focus Areas

  • Sustainable Community Development:

    This focus area includes activities in the fields of agricultural and small business support in rural and marginalized areas, and training, capacity development and extension services.

  • Environment Protection:

    Within the environment protection focus area, Damour is providing consultancy and research services and technical assistance in the fields of solar energy, climate change, access to clean water, etc.

  • Youth Skilling and Employment:

    This focus area covers providing youth both females and males with training and skills improvement services through technical and leadership training in different fields, and enabling them to establish their own small business or receive long term job opportunities.

  • Women Empowerment:

    This includes creating opportunities for income generation through home based or women groups projects, increasing their participation in the decision-making process and engagement in the development activities, and improving their skills and capacities.


  • Community sustainable development is achieved with focus on the marginalized areas in the Gaza Strip and Area C in the West Bank.
  • The level of resilience of the Palestinian people and communities is increased to enable them realize their aspiration of development, peace and freedom.
  • Environment is protected and improved through research, studies and implementation of projects and activities in different environmental fields.
  • Marginalized groups residing in the deprived areas supported and empowered
  • Reconciliation between the Palestinian political parties is realized and the Palestinian unity is achieved.
  • Just peace between the Palestinians and Israelis is achieved based on the international community resolutions that guarantees the political rights of the Palestinian people of establishing their own independent state on the occupied 1967 Palestinian land of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.

Target Groups

  • Damour works in marginalized and poor communities in Gaza Strip and West Bank especially those affected by conflict such as Area C.
  • Unemployed youth and women in vulnerable communities
  • Professional groups and businesses to support community development projects.
  • Local, regional and international organizations that are active in the areas of alternative energy, youth support, women empowerment, institutional development and building just peace.
  • Local policy makers working in the different sectors relevant to Damour’s aims and mission.