Interview with Justice Minister Ali Abu Diak

Mohammed Zayed

What is the main reason for postponing the local elections.

The interim decision of the High Court of Justice stipulates that the decision of the Council of Ministers on the procedure for electing local councils shall not be implemented until the cancellation case before the court is decided

Were there sufficient preparations for the electoral process?

The Ministry of Local Government shall take the necessary measures to conduct the elections. The decision of the Council of Ministers shall be held after the completion of the Ministry’s role in accordance with the law. The Central Election Commission shall assume its role in the management, supervision and organization of the elections and take the necessary measures to ensure the freedom of election and the integrity of the elections. Different position of neutrality throughout the electoral process

How important are elections in the Palestinian street and who benefits from them? Will there be any impact on its abolition on public opinion and on the unity of society?

The election of local councils is a constitutional entitlement and a fundamental right of the Palestinian citizen and a part of Palestinian democratic life.

What are the developments expected to postpone the elections and whether the elections will be held later or will be postponed to a long time as long as the conditions are not mature to hold

The appeals filed with the High Court of Justice by the Council of Ministers’ decision regarding the elections are related to the election of local councils in Gaza. The Supreme Judiciary did not take the legal oath before the Supreme Judicial Council. As well as prejudice the right of citizens to appeal to the competent court of the election results

Lawsuits before the High Court of Justice are also aimed at aligning the decision to hold elections with the rules of international legitimacy in order to preserve the right of our people in the capital of the Palestinian state of East Jerusalem and its affiliated councils within the apartheid wall to exercise their legal right to elections

Are there pressures on the authority to cancel the elections?

The election of local councils is a Palestinian internal affair, and there is no interest for any external party to cancel the elections. As everyone knows, President Abu Mazen did not register to submit to any external dictates, and what moves the government is only what is required by the public interest of our people.

Are you satisfied with the judiciary and are you independent of the executive branch as stipulated in the Basic Law? And the extent of the intervention of the executive branch in the judiciary

The executive branch does not interfere with the judiciary. The judiciary is independent and there are constitutional guarantees in the Basic Law to protect the independence, impartiality and impartiality of the judiciary. All guarantees of legal trial and execution of judgments

Is it possible for the judiciary to carry out its duties and resolve all cases against it, part of which has been accumulated for many years?

A specialized court will be formed, the Family Protection Law will be established, and the Family Protection Courts will also be formed. Arbitration Law so as to effectively alleviate the burden on the judiciary, update the provisions relating to the administration of the case to shorten the procedures and duration of litigation, and ensure speedy adjudication of cases before the courts

How do you see the situation of the government now in light of the decline in public and international support for the Authority, and whether there are real risks that could lead to its collapse

The government is working at full capacity despite the scarcity of resources and the decline of external funding, and is working to provide alternatives and support the steadfastness of citizens, and even if there are risks to the national project, there is a stronger fact of all is that the National Authority is part of our national project is a national achievement The will of the Palestinians, which is the nucleus of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, is the structure that can only be completed by ending the occupation and achieving the goals of our people with the independence and freedom for which our people fought and made thousands of martyrs, prisoners and various sacrifices.

How do you see the prospects of the political process in light of the meeting between President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow under the auspices of Russian President Putin What is the future of the relationship with Israel?

The problem that has stalled the negotiations is that Israel is governed by the ideology of extremism. From sitting for serious negotiations by borrowing repeated terms from the memory of failure, such as its tendency towards the legislation of the settlements and the Jewish state, resorting to faint calls to enter the project of reality management through direct and bilateral negotiations without reference or basis, and repetition Attempts to beautify the ugly face of the occupation by reintroducing its old goods by improving the living conditions of the citizens under occupation. On the other hand, President Mahmoud Abbas clings to his national position and refuses to give up and does not leave his position as a safety valve for our national project. Which lead to just peace on the basis of international legitimacy, adhere to international organizations, charters, laws and international resolutions, internationalize the Palestinian cause and remove it from the circle of hegemony and containment space, and impose the fundamental basis for resolving the conflict which The people that a just peace can only be achieved to end the occupation and the removal of settlements and the right of return and the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem

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