Due to Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967 and the national catastrophe (Nakba) in 1948 and the continued suffering of Palestinians, these have created deep and complicated conflict between Israelis and Palestinians that deepened the division between the two peoples. It will be very difficult to achieve peace between the two peoples through more wars but can be achieved through finding common grounds where Israel recognizes the Palestinian rights and Palestinians recognizes the right of Israelis to live within Israel’s boundaries before occupying West bank and Gaza in 1967 war. This requires bridging the expectations and interests and deal with the conflicting narratives of the two people’s history and land. To achieve peace and security for the two peoples, both must recognize each other’s’ rights through implementing the international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative so that the two peoples can live side by side in peace and security with cooperative relations to realize prosperity for the two sides. This in turn will transform the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis from military occupation and control over Palestinian destiny to mutual and neighborly relations.
To achieve sustained peace, it is imperative to create a suitable environment so that each side becomes aware of the other’s culture and history to facilitate mutual respect and cooperation and trust and recognizes or dehumanize the other as it is currently the case at the political and Ideological levels. In reality, most Israelis do not have true realization of the history and the nature of Palestinian people who value freedom and life and have no hatred against the other as portrayed by extremist politicians and media in Israel. This also requires that Palestinians recognize the history and issues that are of concern to Israelis through approaching the peace camp who are interested in educating themselves on the suffering of Palestinians resulted from the continued Israeli occupation, land confiscation, home demolitions, and control over their mobility and natural and water resources. Therefore, the aim of launching the Palestinian House in Tel Aviv is to deal with such ignorance on the Israeli side. Due to the presence of this Palestinian cultural center in Tel Aviv within Israel, this center is determined to provide increased awareness of Israelis to achieve this goal presented through music, theatre, cinema filming, visual arts, poem, literature, life styles, fashion and others that represent the Palestinian people. This will serve the interested people working in the Palestinian media, political debate and public opinion.
Four issues in the first Palestinian magazine were published in Hebrew “Anat”.

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