Solar Energy Training for Technicians and Engineers

Solar Energy Training for Technicians and Engineers

This initiative aimed to leverage the capacity of the solar energy sector in the Gaza Strip and contribute to the development of local technical expertise that is capable of applying solar energy solutions to solve the problems of electricity. The Arava Institute has held many discussion meetings with Damour within its efforts to make a rapid needs assessment for the capacity of solar energy sector in the Gaza Strip to identify the main barriers in the solar energy sector, and therefore design the best intervention that takes into consideration the local context and respond to the local needs in a strategic way.

The training elements were designed by Damour and the Center for Renewable Energy and energy Conservation at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

The training took place in Ramallah, Nablus and at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in Kibbutz Ketura and included both theoretical and technical information on solar system design, installation, operation and maintenance basics.

List of Prticipants:

  • Muhammad Mashharawi
  • Muhammad alkhas
  • Muhammad Ayesh
  • Ibrahim Al Bari
  • Abed Harara
  • Muhammad Rasheed
  • Osama nagger
  • Ahmad dahduh
  • Isa Ridwan

Actual Training Schedule

Day 1. 3/3/2019 – Arrival to Ramallah, Dinner with Damour and Tareq

Day 2. 4/3/2019 – All day theoretical training with ESCOM. This day of training included the following topics: grid connected inverter and balance of systems overview, string design – matching array & inverter for voltage, current and power, system protection and safety equipment sizing and selection, array layout planning and equipment location, mounting structure and foundation overview, DC and AC cable sizing, selection and estimation of loss due to voltage drop. The day also included a session on the SUNREF program to promote green investments in Palestine

Day 3. 5/3/2019 – All day training at Al Najah University in Nablus. This day of training included the following topics: Introduction to Solar Energy, Solar Radiation & the Potential in Palestine, Types and elements of Photovoltaic Power Systems, designing of solar photovoltaic power generating systems, financial & economic analysis of PV grid-tied and autonomous systems, use of software packages for system sizing, electrical concepts and safety issues related to PV installation and maintenance work

Day 4. 6/3/2019 – Meeting with The Energy Minister in the PA and then Travel to the Negev. This day included a site visit of the Ashalim Solar energy complex that generates 300 MW of power.

Day 5. 7/3/2019 – Visit to Yotvata Dairy farm biogas system and the 40 MW PV field in Ketura. The training ended with a summary session

Feedback from Participants- Major Points:

  1. Longer training and involvement in undergoing construction of solar fields
  2. Classification of participants and designing training for different trainees
  3. Receive reading materials before training
  4. Al Najah University visits was very successful

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