The Agriculture Training

A Training In” Modern Irrigation methods” was carried out by Damour for community development in the period of 25th to 27th of November 2019, where a group of agricultural engineers and experienced farmers from the southern governorates attended the training, which was held in the West Bank and Israel in order to develop and improve the performance of the agricultural sector through the exchange of experiences, and share information about the latest technique and skills in the agriculture field , so they can convoy the knowledge they earned and apply the techniques in the southern governorates. The group visited the leading agricultural company Netafeim, which is known to be the best in” modern irrigation systems”.

Eng. Basil Abu Daqqa, the representative of Damour, was welcomed by Eng. Issam Jbara. He provided the participants with all needed information and details and visited company headquarters and departments. He also trained the trainees on the latest technologies that the company makes/uses/applies from:

  • modern irrigation networks
  • computerized irrigation systems
  • Glass houses with new technologies
  • Modern agricultural systems such as hydroponic and aquaponic
  • Mechanisms of Water salinity and energy problems
  • Handling excess water
  • The problem of high prices for irrigation systems, and irregular irrigation process within irrigation systems.

Additionally, the trainees were hosted with the company of Mrs Thani Abu Daqqa “representative of Damour” by Mr. Abbas Malham, director of the Palestinian Farmers Union in his Ramallah office , Who was impressed by the work of the Federation and its projects despite the obstacles the southern governorates suffer from. He also informed the trainees about the agricultural projects carried out by the Union in the northern governorates, and the obstacles farmers face while implementing agricultural projects, especially in the “C” areas, which are under the Israeli control. In addition he explain about the services being provided by the FMC to farmers. Mrs Abu Daqqa emphasized on the importance of upgrade the level of agricultural cadres in the southern governorates by updating their knowledge with the latest technology and advanced trainings.

On another context, The trainees with the company of Mrs Tahani met Mr. Samer Salameh “the Deputy Minister of Labor” in Ramallah, who welcomed them and showed great interest in knowing the problems that the southern governorates are facing, especially the ones experienced by agricultural engineers, farmers, cooperative societies and agricultural associations.

In the end of the meeting, Mr. Salamah promised to include the agricultural sector,” both agricultural engineers and agricultural workers to “The Temporary employment project” which is funded by the World Bank” Phase II” by the beginning of 2020” and to coordinate for ” A TOT Training” for agricultural engineers and professionals from the southern governorates and to participate in following up on the work of cooperative associations and Dealers in field of exporting the Agriculture products from southern governorates.

The Training program was ended with visiting ”Top Filed Agricultural Company” in Toubas, with the company of Mrs Tahani. Where, Mr. Ahmad Abu Kheizran, Chairman of Board welcomed the group and expressed his pleasure to have the chance of meeting experts from the southern governorates . At the Meeting, Mr. Ahmad explained about the history of their company establishing and that the company started with 70 dunums. The company grows up to 9,000 dunums. The company works in Toubas, Jenin, the Aghwar and C areas. Top Field Plants large quantities of potatoes, onions, herbs, grapes, watermelon and sheep breeding , which being marketed in the northern governorates and Israel.

Mrs Tahani emphasized on the importance of facilitating the marketing of the southern governorates agricultural products in northern governorates. Moreover, the agricultural experiences and advanced machinery should be transferred through experts staff to the southern governorates. Finally, Mrs AbuDaqqa thanked Top Field chairman for their cooperation and generosity .

Damour For Community Development is a non-profit organization that seeks to enhance society in its various sectors.

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