The three Girls Gallery

The three Girls Gallery is an exihibition of three Palestinian that was hold in Jaffa city for the first time


Born in the village Qatannah near Jerusalem (16.4.1979) Ahlam completed her BA in Fine Arts and her MA in Islamic Archeology. She also studied painting and mosaic, participated in several exhibitions in Palestine and Egypt. Her works relates primarily to folklore in Palestine and Jerusalem. Ahlam regards her work as “colors mixed with happiness”. In this exhibition Ahlam portrays olive trees and women, depicted as symbols of Palestine as her homeland.


Born in Ramallah (2.8.1982) Zoha completed her BA in Fine Arts and her MA in Educational Science. She is currently heading the Jothour (roots) Artistic Group, exhibited her works in three solo exhibitions and two collective ones.


Born in Riadh (Saudi Arabia, 1978), Rania completed her BA in Sciences in Al Najah University in Nablous. Rania’s artistic talents were discovered at an early stage, and painting was her major sphere of interest from her early childhood. Rania published comics and worked as an art teacher and as an instructor in the Young Artist Center in Ramallah. She also published comics in various publications and was involved in designing illustrations in Palestinian schoolbooks. Rania published a book of her works focusing on Jerusalem and is engaged in producing animation movies. She participated in various exhibitions, amongst others in Nazareth (2016) and in Dubai (2016).

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