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Together for a better future

Damour is a non-profit Palestinian institution registered in Palestine in 2010, and has presence and offices in both West Bank and Gaza Strip. It aims at increasing the level of resilience of the deprived Palestinian communities to facilitate positive change in their lives towards sustainable development with focus on environment, community support, youth employment and women empowerment. Damour contributes to just peace building that leads to the peaceful two state solution entailing the independent Palestinian state on the occupied 1967 Palestinian territories.

Job Opportunities

Create job opportunities for youth and women in less advantaged areas.

Promote Dialogue

Promoting internal and external dialogue for better development and security


Utilizing and developing constructive and responsible media.

Human Resource

Human resource development for sustainable programs.

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In order for Damour to fulfill its mission, it works collaboratively with local, national and regional institutions and groups to implement its projects and carry out joint activities in addition to providing support to its partners to become more active players in environment protection and sustainable development.

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